Peter Muller on July 29th, 2015

I the Clean Power Plan: Six Great Reasons You Should Too – The Equation: Blog of the Union of Concerned Scientists (blog)

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Peter Muller on July 28th, 2015

Poland – Factors to Watch July 24 – Reuters

Poland – Factors to Watch July 24ReutersWORLD BANK LOAN. The World Bank has approved a 912.7 million euro ($1 billion) loan to support Poland's economic growth and resilience, leading to more dynamic job creation and shared prosperity, it said on its webpage. Here. CREDIT UNIONS … Before …and more »

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Peter Muller on July 28th, 2015

If you want a web site, you will have to use a web host, though it is possible that you know nothing about this. You might envision and even get daunted by the idea of your page sitting on some server rack in a distant community, but you will need to understand how it works in order to get the right services for your site. This article will help give you get familiar with the idea of web page hosting.

Many web hosting companies offer add-ons to their services, but some of these features usually change from host to host. When you are analyzing the different providers, ensure that the package you compare from each one contains the feature(s) you need.

You need to decide whether you should select shared or dedicated hosting best suits your needs. If your site is large or complex, with a high volume of traffic, then a shared server might not adequately meet your needs. It is a great idea to look for a web host that is dedicated.

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Peter Muller on July 28th, 2015

What's On in Edinburgh this week | The Edinburgh Reporter – The Edinburgh Reporter

What's On in Edinburgh this week | The Edinburgh ReporterThe Edinburgh ReporterIn November 2014 St Mary's Cathedral hosted the award ceremony of the Ushakov medals, presented by the Russian government to local British sailors and marines who had served on the Russian Convoys in World War II; thirty five veterans came from …and more »

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Peter Muller on July 27th, 2015

List of Domain Names Available for Bidding: Are There Good Domain Names?

Are there good domain names in the list of domain names available for bidding? What you're after is having a good dot com name for your website. Yuck, such names are rare! All good domain names of market niches that are profitable seem to have been already registered, talk of insurance.com, sex.com, business.com, realestate.com, cars.com, music.com etc.

Although this is the case, at one point, these domain names do expire. It is said that thousands of domain names do expire each day. If the owners don't make any effort of renewing their domain names when they're placed under the grace period and redemption period, then they're made available for registration again.

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Peter Muller on July 27th, 2015

It can be challenging to identify a reliable website hosting provider.It can be hard to make the murky waters of web page hosting to find which company will meet your needs.The tips available in this article will guide you through the ideal web hosting company for your needs.

Find out which plans are offered by each potential web host offers. Some free hosting sites do not allow you to add your own scripts to the static pages they offer. If you need to be able to do dynamic scripting, a pay host that’s affordable is the way to go.

Choose a host that does not have many outages. Don’t listen to their excuses! Any company that makes excuses for lengthy outages.Frequent downtime demonstrates a poor business model, so do not make a commitment to such a company.

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Peter Muller on July 26th, 2015

How to Pick a Great Domain Name

When selecting a domain name, there are two important factors to consider. The first factor is visibility. The second factor is branding. To be successful with your online business, people need to be able to find you. You may have the best website ever built, but if no one finds it, you will not make money online.

How do you get visibility? First consider what keywords customers are typing in when looking for your product or service? Think like your customer. If you are in the plumbing business, appropriate searches may be the keywords "unclog drain" or "fix leaky pipe". Website relevance is important for ranking high on a keyword in Google. Having the domain name unclogdrain.com or fixleakypipe.com, you would expect to have more visibility than if your website was smithplumbing.com.

If you have established your business as Smith Plumbing and people will search for you under that name, it is okay to use the domain name smithplumbing.com, but you need to advertise to have visibility.

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Peter Muller on July 25th, 2015

Web Design Tools That All Designers Need to Have


WordPress is simply the best free tool to use in order to create a website. With this simple content management system, you can set up complete websites in minutes. WordPress comes with the ability to include certain plug-in tools to add additional applications that bring more functionality to process of creating your site. For example, if you are not very good at search-engine optimization (SEO, the way people get search engines to rank their websites higher), there are many plugins that can help with this.

Although this is a relatively expensive tool for a designer to invest in, it is also particularly pertinent for anyone in the designing profession. Photoshop is the best design tool available for creating icons, editing photos, creating background, and so forth.

Notepad ++
This is a tool that I personally use for any programming that I need to do. It is very lightweight, and includes tabs that let me use work on dozens of different files at once. It also automatically indents and colorizes all of your code so that it is easier for you to read and edit.

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Read the following article and you will learn how to choose the web host that can make it easy to maintain your site.

Most web hosts offer various add-ons in their packages, the specific features offered will differ from one company to another. When comparing web page hosting services, compare the different levels of service so you know you are getting the right features you require.

You have two options for hosting: shared or dedicated hosting. If your site is large and complicated and receives a lot of visitors, shared hosting might cause problems. It is probably a good idea to find a web host that is dedicated.

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Peter Muller on July 24th, 2015

Does paying your monthly website hosting bill make you cringe?

The amount that web hosts charge for services charges typically depend on how many visitors you have visiting your site receives. Find out how your host is going to bill you: some hosts charge different flat rates and your site progresses from one category to the other as it gets more traffic, or if they bill you in steps.

Use these statistics to help you reach out to the intended market for your business.

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