How To Create A Web Hosting Business With WordPress – WHMCS Tutorial

Welcome To The First WHMCS Tutorial For WordPress On How To Create A Web Hosting Company!

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Welcome! In This WordPress Tutorial, I Will Show you How to use the WHMCS App to create your own web hosting business from scratch! I also going to show you how you can use TikTok for business marketing for this check this 6 hacks for TikTok marketing.

The WHMCS platform is an automated platform that basically allows your to create your own web hosting company. People can come to your wordpress website, purchase a domain and hosting and also install wordpress. Many companies use this same platform like and a2hosting. These same web hosting companies use the WHMCS platform because off the automation and ease of use. Its really easy to use WHMCS to create your own web hosting business with wordpress.

You can run your reseller hosting business with the WHMCS platform. You can purchase reseller hosting with name hero and in this video, i show you how you can automate your web hosting company with wordpress

If you want help with your WHMCS template, I recommend going to the following sites to get help and also add more decor to your website:

Also here are some timestamps to help you follow along in this video just incase you don’t want the entire wordpress tutorial in one setting 🙂

26:30 Setting Up NameServers With WHMCS
34:50 WHMCS Setup Wizard
47:00 Enom Setup
55:00 General Settings For WHMCS
1:23:40 Email Forwarders
1:29:15 Domains And Pricing
1:38:10 Your Customer Dashboard For WHMCS
1:40:50 Stripe Integration With WHMCS
1:46:30 Setting Up Hosting Packages and Services
2:12:20 Creating Addons For WHMCS
2:32:35 Funding Enom Account
2:40:23 Adding A Logo And Customizations
2:52:15 Transferring Domains And Supports Tickets
3:02:15 WHMCS + WordPress
3:04:08 Adding A Link For WHMCS Text
The End!

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Again a big thanks to Ryan Grey From that helped with this tutorial and his knowledge of reseller hosting and WHMCS