New Price Plans And New Features for 360 Monitoring

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For the coming months in 2022, we plan to provide many more new advanced functions and solutions, so keep reading to find out more.
By the end of the year, we plan additional features such as log monitoring, blocklist monitoring, advanced site monitoring, and application performance management (APM). An often-requested function is finally in the pipeline. Realtime Blackhole Lists or RBL can influence whether an email will arrive in the recipient’s inbox, spam folder, or not arrive at all. We’re working on introducing this new feature to our 360 Monitoring. As the administrator and user, you will always receive notifications if one of your IPs appears on such a list.

If you do not have a 360 Monitoring account yet, we encourage you to test it now. To use the new Full Site Check feature, create your account here, upgrade to a Pro or Business or Enterprise Subscription, and start monitoring your sites easily.

Don’t be shy! We appreciate your feedback and will continue to implement features that save your time and improve your quality of work – just drop us a comment with our idea below.

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