May 2022 Web Server Survey

In the May 2022 survey we received responses from 1,155,729,496 sites across 273,593,762 unique domains and 12,069,814 web-facing computers. This reflects a loss of 5.23 million sites but a gain of 1.63 million domains and 95,200 computers.

nginx gained the largest number of domains (+1.24 million) and also a hefty amount of web-facing computers (+21,500), further securing its lead in both metrics. The total number of domains powered by nginx is now 75.0 million (+1.68%) and its market share has increased to 27.4% (+0.29). In terms of web-facing computers, nginx now has a total of 4.60 million; and although its leading market share fell slightly to 38.1%, Apache’s fell slightly further, extending the gap between the two to 9.54 percentage points.

nginx also continues to lead with a 30.7% share of all sites, despite losing the largest amount this month (-6.57 million). Apache follows with a share of 23.0%, but also lost a large number of sites (-2.32 million). The largest gain in this metric was seen by Google, which added 2.96 million sites to its total and increased its market share to 4.14%. LiteSpeed made the second largest gain of 1.26 million sites, and stays slightly ahead of Google with a share of 4.35%.

Google and LiteSpeed also made the only significant gains in the active sites metric, with Google gaining 977,000 and LiteSpeed gaining 151,000. Google has a greater lead in this metric, with a market share of 9.49% versus LiteSpeed’s 4.60%.

Cloudflare is continuing to edge its way up towards the leaders in the top million websites. This month it gained an additional 1,822 sites and now accounts for more than 20% of the top million sites for the first time. Meanwhile, both Apache and nginx lost more than a thousand sites each in the top million, making it look ever more likely that Cloudflare could gain places by the end of the year. Apache, nginx and Cloudflare currently have top-million site shares of 22.8%, 21.7% and 20.0% respectively.

One surprise this month was that the largest computer growth was seen not by nginx, but by the awselb (Amazon Web Services Elastic Load Balancing) web server, which gained 26,200 computers to reach a total of 378,000. These computers are likely to form only a small fraction of the AWS infrastructure used by the 1.86 million sites that are served from these computers, as AWS ELB achieves fault tolerance and scalability by automatically distributing incoming application traffic across multiple targets, and can also spread traffic across multiple AWS Availability Zones.

Vendor news

  • nginx 1.22.0 was released on 24 May 2022. This is the first release in the 1.22.x stable branch and incorporates new features and bug fixes from the 1.21.x mainline branch. Some of the notable new features include support for OpenSSL 3.0 and the PCRE2 library, as well as some security improvements such as hardening against potential request smuggling and cross-protocol attacks.
  • njs 0.7.4 was also released on 24 May 2022. This version of nginx’s JavaScript-based scripting language includes several bug fixes and adds extended directives for configuring the Fetch API.
  • Apache Tomcat 9.0.63, 10.0.21 and 10.1.0-M15 (alpha) were released on 16 May 2022. Tomcat 8.5.79 was later released on 23 May. Amongst other changes, all of these versions include a new error message that is shown when the Linux kernel duplicate accept bug is detected. This change follows the identification of the root cause of the bug along with the kernel version that includes the fix.
  • OpenResty was released on 18 May 2022. This web platform now uses nginx 1.21.4 mainline as its core and incorporates many other new features, including support for BoringSSL.
  • On 3 May 2022, Microsoft announced the general availability of its next-generation WAF (web application firewall) engine on Azure Application Gateway. This makes use of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Core Rule Set 3.2 (CRS 3.2), which is intended to provide increased coverage for web vulnerabilities, reduce false positives, and protect against specific vulnerabilities like Log4J and SpringShell.
  • Microsoft has also expanded its Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) to encourage more customers to move their web applications to Azure. Azure also offers free Extended Security Updates for SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012, giving more time to modernize older applications for three additional years beyond the 10 years granted by Microsoft Support.
  • Cloudflare made several new features available during the month of May, including:
Total number of websites
Web server market share
DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange
Web server market share for active sites
DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange

For more information see Active Sites

Web server market share for top million busiest sites
DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange
Web server market share for computers
DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange
Web server market share for domains
DeveloperApril 2022PercentMay 2022PercentChange

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